We choose places with unique environments and habitats that offer diversity of life, rich culture, and opportunities for what we call “intellectual adrenaline” -- the chance to challenge onesself and engage with one’s physical surroundings

Amazing Places, Amazing People

Andalucía, Spain, Ireland, France, Morocco, Iceland, Costa Rica, Ecuador and the Galapagos, Italy : These are the destinations that embody our approach to experiential learning. We have core tenets that influence why we go to a place — the first is the people who live there. We only go to places where we have cultivated a rich network of local, visionary collaborators. Meeting and engaging with local people is one of the keys that makes the difference between a traditional tour and our more meaningful Expedition. In many ways, our collaborators are true visionaries – local people eager to engage young people in their remarkable stories. Whether it’s crafting artisan guitars, working to preserve culinary culture, or advocating for the environment, these visionaries inspire us with the work they do each day. The relationships we have established with them have become part of what makes our Expedition an unrivaled learning experience – one that cannot be achieved in any other way.

Examples of cultural connections:
Each Itinerary is unique and can be customized to fit teachers’ educational needs. We are constantly scouting and researching new destinations and improving our existing ones. If you have a destination in mind, let us know

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E&E Expeditions © 2024.
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