“I am not a teacher but an awakener.” -Robert Frost.


We are an educational company specializing in experiential learning through intentionally crafted, thoughtfully guided travel experiences primarily for schools, students, and their teachers. We do not do tourism. We are Experiential Educators who understand how to get the best out of kids and maximize the outcomes of amazing opportunities created in collaboration with each school.

We focus our customizable itineraries on sustainability and active community engagement in special places we know well and with each school’s vision in mind. We have dedicated ourselves to building a remarkable collaboration amongst our guides and local folks we call ‘local visionaries’. These visionaries excel at sharing, in a hands-on way, their life’s passion – be it art, organic farming, business, scientific research, wildlife, history, or anything else which we find deepens student’s sense of both curiosity about the larger world and inspiration about what might be possible in their own lives.

We take the time, pressure, and stress off of teachers in the planning – we understand their busy world.  We deliver a field experience at the same high quality educational standards expected on a great school’s campus – but through a global lens.

At E&E we help educators broaden the education of their students to a world beyond the classroom, expanding students’ comfort zone and shaping the next generation of global citizens.

On Expedition with Students

Getting students out of the classroom and into the field, when done right, can leave an enduring educational impact. This is why global programs exist! And while the intrepid teachers who travel with school programs are rightly focused on the student outcome, there are many ways that engaging, experiential learning through travel can have positive and profound effects on teachers as well. When students and teachers are supported, prepared, and engaged on Expedition, they can reap rich rewards. Teachers, parents, and schools will see the impact translate back into the classroom and on campus.

Our Expeditions will provide so much more than vacations. Our expeditions are intentional and through them, students become explorers, engaging themselves, understanding how they fit in the world around them, and how to make it better — thus becoming interested learners and global citizens.




Parents will find reward in facilitating a unique educational experience, allowing their children to grow and become more independent, and giving them the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. The self-confidence and curiosity students develop through their experiences help them to become responsible adults.


Teachers can relax, knowing that all details are taken care of. Teachers get to travel, participate, learn, and engage in unique experiences together with their students, gathering knowledge about the world, about themselves, and about their students too . . . all travelers will return to school with a broader perspective on the world.


Through our empowering travel philosophy, students will know themselves, their fellow students, and their teachers much better. They will be set up to discover new capacities and abilities, thus expanding their comfort zones.


By supporting an active traveling program for their students and teachers, a school is providing a way to improve the educational standard, inspire their students, and help them gather experience and knowledge, and, ultimately, wisdom.


Ultimately, as educators, we are helping shape the society of tomorrow. The more young people learn to appreciate and respect the world and its people, the better the chance for a peaceful and collaborative future world.

E&E Expeditions © 2024. All Rights Reserved.

E&E Expeditions © 2024.
All Rights Reserved.